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Management and Marketing Consultancy


Strategic Initiatives improve the way they operate; accelerate their growth; reduce their costs; manage their risks; develop their talent and change the way they do business. In doing so, SI’s team focus on their agendas and the big issues they need to deal with, both today and in the future. The way SI members organized allows you to develop your core skills. Over time you’ll align to a specific consulting area, developing real insight and building relationships. This is important because our clients demand both an understanding of what they do, as well as insights into what they should change, and how.
You can experience a wide variety of projects on the SI’s Management Consulting program, but if you think you know what you want to specialize in early on, we’ll help you build expertise in that area through client projects and mentoring. Once you complete the program, you’ll be taken through our promotion process which will assess your eligibility to move on to the next grade. If successful, you’ll join one of our specialist areas.

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